Major vs Minor: changing harmonic scale experimental music by Oleg Berg

Hello! I am Oleg Berg, a musician from Donetsk, Ukraine. I digitally re-edit famous compositions altering harmonic scale, and I call this experimental music project «Major versus Minor». It may sound surprising and unusual, but it is always interesting. Listen to the music videos below. And please donate to keep the project going.

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Oleg Berg's real portrait

I've always been fascinated by music. Since my early years I tried to conceive the very physics and nature of music. Then I obtained degrees in arts and science and really dived into experimenting with psychoacoustics and physics of music. I work as a composer, harmonist, and sound-designer. And I really love what do. The most favorite part of my job is exactly where music and physics meet; it is where the endless experiments and manipulations occur.

I by no means intend to enhance the famous music hits as I rework them; they are perfect already. I simply imagine what would it sound like, had the author written it in another mood. And it appears, I succeed in my imaginations.

This is my official webpage, and soon I plan to post some exciting stuff about the process of reworking, some other experiments of mine, and other information relevant to the project.

To contact me please email me at

My children Diana and Dennis help me with the project.

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